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Summer Reading


One of my favorites things about summer is that I have plenty of time to read! We know that this is true for many of our students at BI, too. We spent the last month of school planning and advertising our first BI Virtual Summer Reading Program. We wanted to do some fun, reading-related activities while we all had a little time off. Since it is hard to get students to meet in-person during the busy summer months, we decided to try a virtual summer reading program using social media.

Summer Reading Social Media Challenges

Here is how it works. Each week, Mrs. Lukkarinen and I will use Remind 101 to send out a weekly reading challenge. These challenges will be fun, easy, and definitely reading-related. We will choose a random weekly participant to win a small prize when we return to school in August. Since there are 8 weeks in our summer challenge, there will be 8 weekly prizes to claim! You may win free books, reading promotional items, or other cool stuff from our prize box. To enter each weekly challenge, use the hashtag #BIreads to post the challenge photo on Twitter or Instagram, or you can e-mail us at bimediaspecialists@liberty.k12.ga.us if you are not on these social media sites. You have to sign up to receive the Remind 101 texts or e-mails to know what each challenge will be! Here are the directions to do that:


You can also win our grand prize at the end of the summer by keeping track of what you read all summer long. Simply complete the reading log below and return to the media center during the first two weeks of August. We will draw one name to win something fantastic – think tablet, book store gift cards, etc.

BI Summer Reading Log

Now, what kind of media specialists would we be if we left you high and dry with no reading materials? We have decided to announce (via Remind 101) special check-out days at BI’s media center over the summer. That’s right – if one of us is working at BI (which we do often during the summer), we will send out a Remind 101 message to let you know the times you can drop by and check out a book! For those traveling, you can always check out an e-book from our collection to read on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. See the directions below for doing this.

E-Books How-To Flyer

Now go find a good book and start reading! The first challenge will be sent out on June 9th!

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Social Media for Teens and Tweens

Teaching students and parents about social media is an important part of our job as high school media specialists. In August, we scheduled a forum on this topic with our PTO to be held in March for both middle and high school parents. After Kate, an aspiring media specialist, started working with us to complete practicum hours, we thought this would be a good activity for her to plan and present to this audience. While Mrs. Lukkarinen and I shared resources, discussed ideas, and helped promote the event, Kate took the reins and was the face of the BI media program during the forum.

IMG_2377 IMG_2383 IMG_2387

We think the parents, students, and staff members who attended the event got some valuable information on this serious topic. We are linking Kate’s presentation website here for those interested. Our many thanks to Kate for being so well-prepared and willing to take on such a big task!


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The Longest Day

Today was the work day that never ended! It is our annual Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team Lock-In. It is 11:09 PM, and we are currently practicing questions. Don’t worry – we manage to have a little fun, too. This year, we are going to see if we can all stay up all night. Last year, I was the only one who didn’t crash, but most of the team made it until 5:00 AM. It is never fun to be the first to fall asleep with this crew!


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Hour of Code

Along with over 20,000,000 others, Bradwell students participated in the Hour of Code in December. We hosted two self-paced sessions in the media center for all students and staff interested in learning more about computer programming. We had great participation and so much fun completing the tutorials and activities.

Are you interested in computer science and coding? Check out http://code.org to learn how you can get involved.  Here are some of our enthusiastic coders in action!

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Author Visits BI

On Wednesday, we were proud to host a local author, A. Dragonblood, in the BI media center. This author spoke to a group of our students interested in pursuing a career in either a writing or art-related field. As a children’s book author, Mr. Dragonblood has published several titles, but as our students learned, he has been involved in many other great writing projects including ghost writing for Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse. He also shared some of his experiences with screen writing for popular television series such as Supernatural and True Blood.  Students enjoyed the small group discussion format of the presentation and really got a good introduction to different types of writing an author can do.

In addition to thanking Mr. Dragonblood for his time, we would also like to thank the Live Oak Public Library for organizing this visit in conjunction with the Savannah Children’s Book Festival this weekend. We look forward to hosting A. Dragonblood again for our Career Expo at BI.

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Staff Book Characters

For Teen Read Week, we wanted to try something new this year. We asked staff members to dress up as favorite book characters and created an activity for students to identify the characters using three written clues. Here is a small group photo of a few staff members that stopped by the media center today. Students, don’t forget to turn in your entries on Monday to win a fabulous prize! All photos and clues will be displayed in the cafeteria commons and on our digital display screens.

It was great to see so much student interest in this activity and so much excitement as they recognized and named characters around the school. We will see if we can make this a school-wide event next year!


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Teen Read Week



It was great to have a four-day weekend, but we are a little disappointed that Teen Read Week will be cut short this year. For those who don’t know, Teen Read Week is another special week for libraries and media centers to promote reading and books with our teens. Each year, we plan special activities in the BI media center to promote reading.

This year, we will award prizes to students who check-out a book with a hidden coupon inside, set a weekly book circulation goal, and have a special staff surprise to promote our favorite books. Also back by popular demand this year is our one-day only fine forgiveness for late fines up to $1. To have your fines waived, you must check-out a new book on Friday, October 18th and ask us to waive that fine!

Let’s see if we can circulate 1000 books over the remaining days in this week.  If we do, Mrs. Lukkarinen and a few other staff members will color their hair pink to celebrate.


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Media Workshop Series

We will be offering a series of workshops for our teachers using the Liberty County School System navigation theme for the 2013-2014 school year. This series will feature six different courses for teachers to choose from and will be offered during each planning block. Participation is voluntary and open to all Bradwell staff members. We hope that our staff will join us in charting the course for 21st century learning here at BI.

Session 1: October 22 ~ Blogging with Students

Session 2: November 21 ~ Implementing Big 6 into Projects

Session 3: January 28 ~ E-Books: Using Library Resources in the Classroom

Session 4: February 25 ~ Getting the Most out of the SMARTBoard

Session 5: March 25 ~ Edmodo: Expand Your Classroom Walls

Session 6: April 24 ~ Study Island In-Depth

To view the informational flyer, click the thumbnail image below.

Click to enlarge and print this flyer.

Click to enlarge and print this flyer.

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Banned Books Success


Wow…it has been a busy, busy, busy week in the BI media center. We are sad to see our Banned Books week celebration to come to an end tomorrow. Many students have stopped by to check out our displays and ask questions about banned books. We have circulated classics that normally get overlooked by our students in favor of the more popular contemporary titles, in part thanks to our BBW advertisements. Our daily trivia has also been a huge success with well over 100 participants so far! My favorite activity of the week, though, has been our Banned Books Week Graffiti Wall display (ok – so it is not really a wall, but we work with what we have). Students can list their favorite books or series, memorable quotes from selections, or titles that have survived challenges in other libraries. Even students who have not listed a book on the display stop by to see what books others are recommending. Here are a few photos from early in the week. I don’t think there is too much room left to write on that display now.


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Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week

It is one of our favorite week’s of the year in the BI media center. We love Banned Books Week because it promotes one of our favorite things – reading! It also encourages us all to reflect on core American values, like our freedom of speech. According to the American Library Association:

Banned Books Week was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries. A challenge is an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based upon the objections of a person or group. A banning is the removal of those materials. Challenges do not simply involve a person expressing a point of view; rather, they are an attempt to remove material from the curriculum or library, thereby restricting the access of others. As such, they are a threat to freedom of speech and choice.

Although many books and favorite authors have been challenged across this country, most books are never removed from collections or banned from libraries. To celebrate at Bradwell this week, we have created a Banned Books Week display featuring popular challenged books. We also have a graffiti wall where students can leave comments about their favorite challenged books. In addition, we will have a daily trivia question that features a frequently challenged book. Prizes will be awarded daily!

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association

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