About Us

Welcome to Bradwell Institute’s media page! We hope that this is a resource that you will find useful.

Bradwell’s media center serves approximately 1700 students and a staff of near 200. Our media staff is constantly looking for innovative ways to meet the needs of our patrons. We began several years ago with a massive overhaul of the decor and furnishings in the media center. Much of what we have replaced was in the media center for well over thirty years. Changes like this are never quick or inexpensive though. We are replacing items as we are able and appreciate the help of programs like Coastal Electric Cooperative’s Bright Ideas Grant and project funding opportunities through Donors Choose. Check out our blog posts to learn how both have helped us in the past. We have also arranged our seating to reflect more of a learning commons approach. Gone are the days of absolute silence in a high school media center. This hub of learning is bubbling with activity throughout the day – but don’t worry, we still have quiet areas for reading and studying if that suits your needs.

As far as our collection goes, we are adding more popular fiction to attract more students to our media center and continue to increase our digital offerings as well. Many popular fiction titles and a wealth of non-fiction e-book resources have been added in the past three years. Our students often suggest new authors and books that they would like to see added.  As a school media center, we would be remiss if we did not seek to constantly update and purge our non-fiction collection on a regular basis.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention our graphic books section. This remains one of our most popular hang out spots before school and during lunches!

Again, we are glad you visited our virtual media center, and we hope to see you in our actual media center, too. If you have any questions, need help with a resource, or just want to say hello, you can contact us by telephone at (912) 876-6121 or via e-mail at the addresses included below.

Media Center Staff

Mrs. Lukkarinen

Nikki Lukkarinen
Media Specialist

Mrs. McCallar

Melissa McCallar
Media Specialist

Media Center Hours

BI Media

BI Media Center
New Extended Hours!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Wednesday and Friday

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