I Hunt Killers Trilogy


by Barry Lyga

Recently I said that I wasn’t a huge fan of trilogies anymore (in case you missed it, I feel that it is an author’s way to sell more books and make more money), but I guess I just had to come across the right one. And boy, did I ever find one! I read I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga last year as one of our Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl books. I thought it was pretty decent. And while it was good, I can’t say that it was my favorite Helen Ruffin book. However, I was willing to read the second in the series (Game) to see the outcome. And I was very pleasantly surprised! And maybe even beyond pleasantly surprised. I have to say that it was fantastic! In my experience, it is rare for a second in a series to be even better than the first – but as I read all three of these books, I couldn’t seem to put them down.  Each one was better than the previous one.

What the first installment lacked in suspense and twists and turns, Game definitely had those and then some. And because Game was so wonderful, I could not wait until Blood of my Blood came out.  The story line in the second two books is insane! There are so many surprises that I literally carried the book with me wherever I went so I could read it if I had a few minutes to spare.

I had to know what happened to the main character, Jazz. His dad is Billy Dent, the most notorious serial killer since Jack the Ripper. In the first book, Jazz is asked to help the town of Lobo’s Nod solve a series of murders that are following similar patterns as his father’s murders. Without giving anything away, Billy Dent is a manipulator. This manipulation is even stronger in the second book. In this book, there is another series of murders that can’t be solved by the police and they seek Jazz to help again. The only difference this time is the murders are in New York City. So not only does Jazz have to help the police navigate the clues, he also has to navigate a strange city that he has never been to. The third and final installment brings in the family connections and wraps the story up nicely.

Throughout all three books, Billy (Dear Old Dad) plays with Jazz’s mind and the consequences are severe. There are many people who are killed, some of them in graphic ways and described in detail. The psychological aspect to this book is amazing! I was in awe trying to figure out how the author came up with such a creative plot full of grisly detail. If you like mystery books that are full of suspense, this is a series that you should definitely pick up.

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