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Student Media Festival


We are proud of the following students who have projects advancing to the Georgia State Media Festival in May. They have earned qualifying scores at both the school and county media festivals. Please join us in congratulating them!

  • Keinan J. (2 projects)-Keinan for Congress (Wood) and Teens: The Way We Talk (Eastlake)
  • Amber A.-Not Good Enough (Eastlake)
  • Georgi-Ann J.– Theodore Roosevelt (Richards)
  • Michelle S.-Andrew Jackson (Richards)
  • Achley C.-Life: A Poem (McCallar/Lukkarinen)
  • Curtis M., Michael B., Courtney L., DeAndrea G.-Schizophrenia (Cara Reese)
  • Keonte B.-Sports Live with Keonte B (Cara Reese)
  • Jordan A. and Zahnay S.-Bullying (Coach Miller)
  • Tameerah T., Shanta B., Victoria S.-Do You Fear Cancer? (Coach Miller)
  • Tiana J., Genesis M., Kaysa H.-Stay Strong (Coach Miller)
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