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A new feature we will be adding periodically to this blog is to add media specialist recommendations/reviews.  Today’s review is about Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen.


I really loved this book.  It seems weird to say that I loved a book that is primarily about bullying and is incredibly emotional, but I do.  I think this book should be on required reading lists in every high school to be used as a cautionary tale.  The characters were written perfectly.  Their actions, reactions, and emotions were real.  The consequences of bullying were real.  The guilt and what-ifs were real.  And even though it was an excellently written book that was very honest, it was also very difficult to read.  It is hard to imagine ever being in the situation of being a victim or a witness to bullying in the degree that was portrayed in the book.  I would like to think that high schools today are much safer than they apparently are.  I would like to think that the characters in Leverage were truly fictional.  But I am a realist and understand that bullying happens, and sometimes the consequences are frightening.  That is the reason we have bully awareness campaigns.  Through the realistic, sometimes painful, actions and dialogue in this novel, students will be able to understand and appreciate the negative consequences to bullying another student and hopefully think twice before making a comment or committing an action that would be perceived as harmful to another person.

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