Liberty County Media Festival


Congratulations to the students who participated in the county media festival! On Friday, we spent the day at the board office judging some of the 346 projects submitted to this year’s festival. Of the 15 projects that scored superior at our school festival, 14 of those projects also scored superiors at the county festival and will now progress to the Georgia State Media Festival to be held May 3, 2013.

Below are the names and projects that will be representing our school in Atlanta. Please congratulate these students when you see them!

Bradwell Institute Bell How a Bill Becomes a Law Felix L.
Bradwell Institute McCallar/Lukkarinen Social Media for Young Adults Raveenn S.
Bradwell Institute Grant Fun with Fractions Tiffany W., Achley C., Monique H.
Bradwell Institute Barrientos Ireland Joshua B.
Bradwell Institute K. Shutts An Interview with Kevin Harte Tyquise B.
Bradwell Institute McCallar/Lukkarinen Banned Books Week: My Right to Read Rakeem W., Felix L., Raveenn S., Austin S.
Bradwell Institute Griffin Bradwell Declassified: A Guide to Survive Gretchen M.
Bradwell Institute K. Shutts The History of Graffiti Mychal O.
Bradwell Institute Griffin The Unforgettable Love Jun Wei R.
Bradwell Institute McCallar/Lukkarinen Training 101: HRRB Edition Jordan G.
Bradwell Institute Barrientos Costa Rica Hezekiah M.
Bradwell Institute Martin Members of a Team: Bradwell Institute Soccer Austin S., Will D., Robert M.
Bradwell Institute Granger The Water Quest Keinan J., Alyssa K., Dwayne W., Marixenia J.
Bradwell Institute Griffin What is a Friend? Sunday F.
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