Mobile Media Center

I just realized that we had not posted an update on our new Mobile Media Center.  We have been looking for ways to improve the services we offer our staff and students at BI. One idea was to take books out to the places where students congregate to encourage those who never visit the media center to read more. Since most students have very little time in the mornings before school starts, we decided to focus on the five lunch periods when they have the most unstructured time of the day.

Each Friday, we will load a cart with about 100 titles and take it out to the cafeteria commons area with a laptop and scanner to check out books. We will make sure the cart has a variety to choose from, but we will be careful to include some of our most popular and highly-circulated fiction. Mrs. Lukkarinen and I will rotate lunch periods, but between the two of us, will spend more than two hours over the span of all lunches circulating and promoting books. Last week, we checked out around twenty titles that we would not have otherwise circulated to those students.

The feedback we received last week was very positive. Several students commented that they never had time to eat lunch and make a trip to the media center to look for books, so they thought this would be a great idea for them. We are anxious to see how our circulation is affected once students become more familiar with this new program. We also hope to gain some more “regulars” in the actual media center when they realize how fabulous our books and program are. We will keep you all posted on our progress!

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